the overwhelming visual beauty of venice

There are some places on earth that disappoint. You read/hear about them for years but when you finally visit them, they're nothing like they've been made out to be. Venice is the direct opposite of that. Not only did she live up to everything I'd expected, she was much, much more.

There is the astonishing grandioseness of the place when you first arrive as dozens of towers point heavenward from within hundreds of magnificent palace mansions. Just when you thought you'd seen the most ostentatious mansion, you're confronted with a bigger, more ostentations one around the corner. Just when you thought you'd seen the most picturesque bridge, you're reminded you're yet to see the Rialto bridge. Just when you thought you'd seen the mightiest tower, there emerges a higher, loftier one at the next turn, all culminating in the jaw-dropping spectacle that is the Piazza San Marco

For me though, the guy with the camera, the most amazing part of Venice isn't her majesty - it is the endless supply of little things that catch your eye, if you're looking. Everything is beautiful. From the birds that appear to form orderly patterns both in flight, and perched, to random juxtapositions of strange objects and strange places.

Venice is a film photographer's nightmare. You end up shooting everything and running out of film before her real beauty starts to emerge.


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