great alternative to fizzy drinks

I made this video on YouTube talking about sugar. In it I said I was cutting sugar from my diet. 

I haven't had fizzy drinks in a while, but when I did, I drank a lot of Fanta. If you are finding this out for the first time, you may struggle to believe how much sugar is in drinks like Fanta and Coke. It's not just the sugar, however, there are other harmful things in the mix. Your best bet is simply to stop drinking this stuff.

I mainly drink black tea, black coffee and a bubbly concoction that satisfies my need for fizzy liquids. This drink is healthy and in time tastes better than any fizzy drink out there.

Here's what you need;
Sparkling water1 lime or lemonMint leaves That's it!

For the limes/lemons, you can squeeze by hand as I do, but to get the most out of it, use this.

I made this video about it;

3 ways to protect them

If you've ever been around little ones, you'll know what I'm taking about. The energy! The restlessness and the drive to constantly be on the go, touching, feeling, tasting, grabbing, pulling, poking, e.t.c. It's how they explore their new world. Everything is new to them and they find the most mundane (to us) things absolutely fascinating.

Unfortunately some objects they will encounter are not very benign to them, as they are to us. We have learnt to navigate our surroundings through experience - they haven't. Simple things like sharp edges, wet surfaces or hot liquids that we take for granted could do them a lot of harm.

Thankfully, there are many ways to make their environment safer of which I bring you three. These are amongst the cheapest, yet most protective items that can really up the safety of an environment for a little one.

1. Corner Protectors.

These are small soft bits that can be attached to the corners of structures like tables and chairs with sharp …

so grateful for the simple things in life

This past Sunday was the warmest day of the year so far in London. Temperatures reached up to 23 degrees Celsius in my part. Being a weekend day, most people made the most of it. I always say that 18 degrees feels warmer in Spring than it does in Autumn. It's a relativity thing.
Having just moved away from the very urban inner-city into serenity, I spent the day taking a break from renovations and connecting with my inner pensioner afew decades early :)

Good Lord! There are some simple life pleasures you miss out on while living caged up in those city boxes. Many of these come from having your own private garden. Simple things like airing your laundry on a clothes line outside in the sun. Simple things like a nice cup of tea in the warm breeze while watching robins, squirrels and the neighbours cat take turns landing on your freshly cut grass.
On Sunday I was very grateful for these simple things.

this never used to happen

It happened on a flight from London, England to the Canary Island of Lanzarote. I didn't notice the behaviour on takeoff. Perhaps I was too distracted. On the way down in Lanzarote I noticed people didn't only not turn off their devices, the guy next to me didn't go on airplane mode either. There was the generic 'turn off your electronics' announcement, but the flight attendant that came around to ensure we had our seatbelts on didn't seem too bothered by the fact that this guy appeared to be on Facebook!
Then I looked out the window, and there it was; another airplane! Right there! Almost next to us. It was a little disturbing, but I trusted the pilots knew what they were doing. I hoped rather. 
It goes without saying that nothing catastrophic happened - quite the opposite actually.  A smoother than normal landing, yes, with people listening to music, checking Facebook and so on.
I'm not sure when it happened, but someone flipped a switch and suddenly all…

letting go of the past

I've had to let go of a lot of things lately. While renovating my place this spring, I took a long look at many items I'd be hoarding for years and decided to break the emotional link with them. It has been hard, but very liberating. Finally I have the room for that creative working space I've been dreaming about for ages.
For some reason, I'd also been holding on to a few things that didn't make any sense. I had been paying for Internet access in multiple ways. Like many people nowadays I love and rely on the Internet. I, however, have been on the Internet for a long, long time, since before it was a thing. Back then, you had to take special measures to get fast, reliable connections from home. I found that I had been holding on to some of these old ways of thinking about the Internet and technology in general. I had accumulated a lot of obsolete technology that though still worked, were now either unnecessary or inefficient. Those had to go.
Another good example…

this blog is now a book

**I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

If you watch my YouTube channel, you'd already know that I have decided to downsize a little bit in the camera collection department.  Many of those cameras that I have written about on this blog have either been sold, or are for sale in my Etsy Shop.

I had an idea to create a kind of catalogue to remind me of my cameras once they're out the door. I had been taking portraits of these cameras and collating some photos I took with the camera in question, along with some words about the camera. This would then be made into a book I can have sitting on the coffee table. As you guys already know, I mostly use Blurb for my photo books and highly recommend Blurb - so much so that I am an affiliate of theirs.

Unfortunately, I had already sold some of the cameras before I thought of this project.  Also, I hadn't been incredibly org…

reflecting on 2016

Exactly a year ago, I posted "reflecting on 2015" which included some of the tweaks I would be making in 2016 in light of hindsight. In a blink of an eye, here we are again, another year gone.
This year, I'm even more grateful to be here than I was last year. There have been definitive instances when I could have been taken from this planet. One I probably will never forget was a split decision I made not to cross the road at a traffic light despite it being in pedestrian crossing mode ("green man"). For whatever reason, I didn't cross. I just didn't. I don't know why not, but boy am I glad I didn't. At the point when I would have been right in the middle of the road, a woman that appeared to be having a heated conversation on her mobile phone sped through the red light. She would have turned me into Flatman - the dead superhero. She of course was non the wiser as she zoomed obliviously along a residential road at motorway speeds. So yes, I am …