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the tail end of easter

The post-Easter spring cleaning is almost complete.  All the chocolates have been 'cleaned' out, and, er, 'disposed' of.  All that is left is this exquisite hand made real goose egg - blown and hand decorated in Moravia.

i'm dreaming of a white easter

Easter is upon us.  I will be going to bed early tonight to rise in the very early morn.  There will be hours of driving up north to far beyond the midlands, into the mountains, where I hope to spend Easter with some awesome people.
Due to the altitude, and the current unpredictable temperatures, I may see something I didn't at Christmas - snow!

Come to think of it, I haven't got a single Easter card this year.  This may well change in the next few hours.  I did get a few real-life cards for Christmas, so the bar his high.
Hypocritically of me, I haven't sent out any either.  I did make some by hand, and some from my stock of photographs, but I just didn't send them.  I have to admit struggling to find any of my photos that where Easter-themed enough.  I used flowers mainly, to signify Spring, like the one below which like the rest of these photos, was taken with my Praktica BCA before the lens packed in.  Yes, they are dried flours.

double take with helen briggs part 4

Film swap goodness and joy - by yours truly and +Helen Briggs.