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farewell flik

I hate dogs.  Let's get that out of the way. It's ok though, they hate me back more than twice as much.  I had a bad experience as a child that I have been unable to forget.
However there is one dog that kind of stole my heart [eventually].  I'd shoo it away, throw things at it, but it kept coming back, with longing eyes, hoping to be petted.  So once I succumbed and gave it a belly rub.  It wasn't so bad.  The first time I'd shown a dog any such positive attention.  I didn't stop hating dogs, but I stopped hating Flik.  I'd never understood exactly why people develop such close bonds with dogs.  Flik gave me a glimpse into that world.
Flik is 15 human years old [thats like a 70 year old in dog years].  Over the last 8 years or so that I've known Flik, it's grown significantly weaker and less jumpy, especially since losing it's companion Aja who passed on 4 years ago.
Today Flik goes to join Aja in that big fetch game in the sky.  Flik is being…

the old is new again

They don't make 'em like this anymore.  Strong, bold and built to withstand the test of time.  I was thinking this when I took this photo with my little Olympus 35 RC.  And then I saw the analogue.

smena 8m

Here it is, one of the original Soviet 'lomo' cameras.  This specific one is theSmena 8m, a gem from the 70's.  It is a 35mm camera with a fixed f4 43mm lens, capable of achieving a whopping 1/250 sec shutter speed.  You can read all about it at SovietCAMS.  
It was one of the very first film cameras gifted to me by loved ones and acquaintances, and I am really pleased with it.  As usual, I popped in my test film of choice, the AgfaPhoto Vista 200 and took it out for a walk on the south bank of the Thames.  Not however before they both posed for the group portrait above.
Ah!, I lie.  I first watched a million 'how to' YouTube videos.  Despite it being termed an 'entry level toy camera', I found it completely baffling at first for whatever reason.  For such a simple camera, there just seemed to be too much information on it.  There are the B - 250 speed markings, but also the 'user friendly' weather icons for cloudy - sunny.  There are the actual fo…

finally free, almost

Today a new chapter begins for me.  In reality, it is a huge step, and a big change.  A paradigm shift even, though you wouldn't know it by looking at me - my demeanour and all.  I'm like a duck on a pond, apparently calm and smooth sailing, but on closer inspection, under water, paddling for dear life.
Approaching full-time entrepreneurship at full speed.  Facing all the obstacles head on.

tchau futebol!

It goes without saying, this has been an unorthodox World Cup.  I for one didn't expect Brazil to make the final, my prediction was an all español affair of Argentina vs Spain, however not even I could have predicted such a woeful performance by the host nation.
Having said that, most of the football powerhouses have been average at best.  England, Spain, Italy, Portugal and so on.  Of all the teams this year, the two that impressed me the most were Iran and the USA - which kind of shows what kind of World Cup it has been.
The one most impressive player in the whole thing, in my humble opinion, has been none other than the great Vincent Enyeama - goal keeper for the not so super Eagles of Nigeria.

the most magnificent pub in the world.

In Bury St. Edmunds once stood an Abbey so grandiose that King Henry the 8th himself on beholding it declared "A monastery more noble, whether one considers the endowments, largeness, or unparalleled magnificence, the sun never saw..."  

The Abbey is no more.  Scanty ruins remind of what once was.  However, in it's magnificent stead stands what is possibly the most awe inspiring drinking establishment the eyes have ever seen that on beholding it I, like Henry before me, declared "Blimey! that's massive innit!".

fancy a snog?

With summer in full swing, I considered it perfectly sensible to pop into Snog in Covent Garden for a quick one.  Not only because it let me indulge in some sickeningly delicious desserts while pretending to be healthy, it also reminded me of a similar place I found while visiting Spain last year.  It was a haven from the blazing sunshine of the Andalusian coast.

The interior is a wonder to behold.  A bizarre mix of fresh and psychedelic.  Despite their insistence on asking you about your first snog, I found the place very strangely pleasant.  You are served up some mouth watering frozen desserts of your choosing by a distinctly beautiful staff.  No seriously, they're all extremely good looking.  In fact, the whole thing was a bit too perfect - the kind of perfect that makes you think surely there's something wrong somewhere.