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happy sunday

I'm considering going back to posting everyday.  Since I stopped posting daily, I've taken far fewer photos, and effectively have stopped growing.  I had an ongoing 'trees' project which has suffered massively as I have missed an entire month.  Thankfully June isn't that exciting for trees. They look roughly the same in July.
Anyhow, enjoy the day. Our days are numbered.

that saturday morning feeling

.. when you wake up hungry and run to the fridge.

coffee o'clock


happy solstice

It's been a glorious summer solstice here in the northern hemisphere.


So we survived the cosmic combo of Friday the 13th and full moon.  This neighbourhood cat did dash past my path, but I was calmly reassured it's only about 5% black.  No ladders or broken mirrors either.

the day i discovered columbia road part 2

Never mind the flowers.  The thing I liked the most about Columbia road, was the plethora of possibilities for lunch.  Cafes, restaurants, pubs, food trucks, stalls, kiosks and so on.  
Humour won out on the day.  The Lili Vanilli Bakery and Flour Market made me laugh.  And I wasn't disappointed to be fair - it was alluringly vintage in there, and the food was delicious.  The bakery is nicely tucked away in the Courtyard, which itself had a nice aura to it.


What do you reckon this person's favourite colour is?

sights and sounds of the east London streets

'Twas just another Sunday afternoon on Brick Lane, with loads of arty things happening. Soaking in the warm sunshine and usual cacophony of the street I heard something quite different. I've heard some groovy, jazzy, funky music on the streets of London before, but oh these guys got my attention. So much so that I made this ridiculously low quality recording of them.
Turns out they're quite known in the underground scene.  What do I know?  I have since listened to every single song on their YouTube channel repeatedly.
And then I bumped into these guys that appeared to be performing to a passed out drunk. By the time I fired my shot, the drunk had risen. The music though, I'm not sure how to categorise. Some kind of jazz I guess - a guitar, a sax and vocal beatbox.  Crazy stuff.
And then out of nowhere we were swarmed by dozens of bikers making their way through the lane. These were no ordinary bikers, of course - its Brick Lane, they were on actual bikes, some resembl…