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some welcome late august sunshine

Even though this is England, and it rains here an awful lot, it never ceases to bother us here when we get an entire week of consistent English weather - rain.  But look,  Sunshine!

bokeh monday

That feeling when you awake on a bank holiday Monday, look outside the window, and the world outside is all bokeh'd up.


Just like that, I was handed a Zenit-E by an elderly Slovakian gentleman. It had been well looked after, loved even - obviously, and it came complete with it's original everything. I was happy. I was very happy indeed.
The Zenit-E I believe was manufactured in western Moscow between the mid sixties to the early eighties.  It's a rugged-as-heck pentaprism SLR camera capable of shutter speeds from B to 1/500. The default lens is the Helios-44-2 58mm f/2. It also has an inbuilt selenium cell exposure meter, which means no batteries are required what so ever.  However the meter is not TTL, so it is somewhat equivalent to carrying a standalone meter.
I let this camera sit on the shelf for a few months before even loading it with its first roll for two reasons.  One, I had a few other cameras ahead of this one to test.  Two, I found the exposure meter a bit baffling at first, and after playing with it for a few hours and figuring it all out, decided to do away with it altogether.  …

a daunting epic journey begins

Today the journey begins.  The path is daunting, but the destination is glorious.