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a very digital looking analog camera

If you're one of those people that don't like conversation - say, for instance, you'd rather people didn't ask you about your film camera, then this camera may be for you.  Look at it, the Minolta Dynax 303si, it looks like your first DSLR doesn't it?
Fully automatic with some program modes, it doesn't let you do anything about aperture or shutter speed ( or ISO for that matter. It detects it automatically).  It basically takes all control away from you.  It doesn't even have exposure compensation.
There may be a way out - you could swap out the lens with one with an aperture ring I suppose. I'm not certain how that would work seeing there is no aperture priority mode on the camera.
So you're left with composition, which some people would argue is the most important photographic skill anyway. In the right hands, this camera should give good results.
I took it out for a spin in the park in less than ideal conditions. It's Autumn right now so the…