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end of an era

Sad news. My favourite [read extremely affordable] photo processing lab has stopped processing film today.  This means I will need to pay a significantly larger amount of cash to process my photos from now on. Or, preferably, I will start developing my own stuff at home when I have the time. Time is a luxury for me right now however, so today most probably marks the last day of my daily postings for now.  I may return to the daily posts at a later time when I have more time to spend on it - I hope so. So this is more 'see you later' than 'goodbye'.

wings and sails

Spring is in full swing now.  The boats are out again to compete with the birds on the waters of the pond.

red light

Remember not all red lights are for you.  In life, some red lights are for others to stop while you get ahead.

moon pong

City skyscrapers playing a bit of moon tennis.

my crib



Yes folks, it's the weekend.  Gracias a Dios.

glass is always greener

Never mind the glass ceiling, ever found a glass wall between you and where you want to be? 

need for myopia

Need to be hyper focused on the immediate task at hand and not on the long game for the rest of the week.  Many important things to get done but haven't recovered from Easter.

all the single ladies

I went to a Nigerian wedding.  Nigerian weddings are ostentatious, elaborate and chatoyant.  In simple English, a photographer's dream.  
I had my camera; the handsome and brilliant Olympus 35 RD.  
The moment came when the bride was to throw the bouquet to the dozens of ernest 'single' ladies.  I was positioned perfectly - metered, focused, composed, finger on shutter release and ready for the decisive moment.  3, 2, ...snap.  Yes!! 
The first dance, bride and groom take the floor.  I take the perfect line of view again.  Snap!

The groom's granny decides to show everyone up on the dance floor.  She's eighty something years old.  Wow, snap!
The wedding is now accelerating into the distant past, the moments never to return.  Moral of the story -
The End.

holy... phew!

You never know.

the lord is risen

He is risen indeed.  And the dates are aligned as the east and west churches celebrate on the same day. Happy Easter all.

Sitting by the bank of the lake

Wasting time.

thank good it's friday

Easter reflections all weekend.

it's here!

Finally, the long winding weekend is upon us.  Enjoy folks.

the goats who stare at men

Not quite the image of London you've got in your head eh?  This goat here, is a zone 2 resident.

birds of a feather

We've been treated to some fantastic sunshine this week.  Likewise, at night, we have seen some spectacular stars and a bright full moon.  I hear there was even an eclipse of some kind.  While I missed that celestial event, I have been enjoying watching terrestrial ones such as this. 

4 day week

Who doesn't love a 4 day week?

whatcha lookin' at?

Ever get that feeling that everyone is looking at you?

dreamy saturday

Dreamy dizzy day.

stay in your lane

It's by far the worst place to overtake; up a hill and round a bend.  Don't do it people!

to the moon I go

As the saying goes, aim for the moon; even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.  So true.

faux fall

Waterfall in the city. It's fake, but I'll take it, thank you. :)


Too nice out to stay indoors.  Too cold to chill outside.

my yellow ride home

Yellow poles far as the eyes can see.  It's like a psychedelic dream.

old timer

Testing out a 28mm M42 lens for the Zenit and tempted to acquire this old timer.  It still works apparently.  

olympus 35 rd

“Is that a Leica you’re wielding like a sword?” uttered the street snapper as I walked past him one chilled out afternoon in east London.  “I beg your pardon? oh this? It’s an Oly”.  He was then immediately less impressed and apparently more understanding of my nonchalant attitude to the camera.   You will occasionally see me holding my camera by the neck strap while walking, leaving it free to swing back and forth.  The gentleman used the wrong medieval weapon metaphor of course - the correct one would be a ball and chain.  He could also be forgiven for mistaking it for a Leica.  I’d by then pimped the thing up with a Leica Leitz style vented hood, and the self timer lever had snapped off in such a way that it left a Leica looking ‘red dot’ in the correct place.

The Olympus 35 RD has been referred to elsewhere as the ‘RC on steroids’.  That’s basically accurate.  The lens on this thing is simply magnificent.  The aperture opens all the way to f1.7, and the slow shutter speed settings …

time to tour

Temperatures are climbing.  Time for some historical exploration I say.

orange light

And the light leak saga continues.  Shall one put aside the offending kit or embrace the fault?

summer's coming


april foolishness

Wiping the slate clean, rubbing the carte blanche, turning a new leaf.  This month one will be staying young and foolish.  Rest in peace Steve Jobs.