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10 christmas gift ideas for film photographers

The holidays are around the corner. This means peace on earth, joy in heaven, and of course, presents!

For that (analog) photographer in your life, what do you get them for Christmas that they would appreciate a great deal?  Here are some ideas;

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1. Film

This is the obvious one. If your loved one is an analog photographer, or enthusiast, one thing they're constantly buying is film. Find out what camera he/she uses and figure out what film format it takes. The most likely formats are 35mm or 120 (medium format).

You can probably find film at any local camera store - if you're in the UK, at Boots, Snappy Snaps or at a supermarket like Asda. Otherwise you can buy them online like on Amazon or eBay.

2. Polaroid Camera
Unless your loved one develops their own film at home, they would usually have to wait for a period of time for the lab to send th…