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This is Clissold House. It is located in Clissold Park, which is in the general area of Stoke Newington, London.  It was built in the 18th century for a City merchant at the time. So far, so good. Nothing remarkable about that, especially for London which is full of structures such as this one.
What is remarkable about this building is the history surrounding it. Said City merchant was Jonathan Hoare, a philanthropist and anti-slavery campaigner in his day. He was one of the founders of the Society for Effecting the Abolition of the Slave Trade. Clissold Park, one of the many lovely London parks, was created around this house.  There is a stretch of water around the house which was part of the New River - [a canal built to supply clean water to London from Hertfordshire].  
It is no wonder then, that many people including me, love to photograph the house.  On this lovely day as I was in the process of framing this photo, I was confronted by two of the park's staff.  I did take th…