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reflecting on 2015

This year has come to an end. Before I go on, let me just take this opportunity to express my gratitude to whatever the mechanism is in existence that is responsible for the preservation of life. For indeed, I am incredibly grateful to be alive today. 2015 has not been a good year for so many, and, some people that were close to me have ceased to exist, but, I am pleased to be here.
Reflecting on 2015 - what did I learn this year? Family is everything.  'Family' includes those very true friends too.Money is nothing. Well, I knew this before, but I was particularly reminded of it this year.Money is everything. In direct contradiction to the second point above, yes, but true. Long story.Life is short. In light of the above, here are some of the tweaks I aim to make in 2016; Grow closer to family than ever before.Make more money than ever before.Care less about money than ever before.Take more photos of myself.Be more consistent with everything I do.Finish things. These are far fro…

seeing red on the southbank

I recently met up with a friend to go shooting. It'd been a while since I'd gone shooting with someone. Can I say, it was tons of fun. Sure, I didn't get into the 'zone' as I usually would, but it was its own kind of fun.
London already has its fair share of red things - phone boxes, buses, royal mail stuff, but being christmas, it's looking plenty red in London right now. I spotted countless red christmas 'ugly' sweaters, shoes and of course, hats. Santa hats, obviously, but my favourite for the day was this awesome red fedora this lady had on.

The Helios-44-2 was really in its elements with the winter lighting conditions. I basically shot at f/2 the whole time. One thing's certain when you shoot f/2 on the helios - epic bokeh!