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the overwhelming visual beauty of venice

There are some places on earth that disappoint. You read/hear about them for years but when you finally visit them, they're nothing like they've been made out to be. Venice is the direct opposite of that. Not only did she live up to everything I'd expected, she was much, much more.
There is the astonishing grandioseness of the place when you first arrive as dozens of towers point heavenward from within hundreds of magnificent palace mansions. Just when you thought you'd seen the most ostentatious mansion, you're confronted with a bigger, more ostentations one around the corner. Just when you thought you'd seen the most picturesque bridge, you're reminded you're yet to see the Rialto bridge. Just when you thought you'd seen the mightiest tower, there emerges a higher, loftier one at the next turn, all culminating in the jaw-dropping spectacle that is the Piazza San Marco

For me though, the guy with the camera, the most amazing part of Venice isn&#…

shooting lomography film with christy ku

Following the epic fail first attempt with the Yashica T2, Christy is back on Old Cameras. This time she was equipped with my favourite camera - the Olympus 35RC. We needed a 400 speed film to match the overcast weather and the camera's 1/500 maximum shutter speed so we stopped by Lomography near Carnaby Street, London, to see what we could find.

We basically picked the cheapest option - the Lomography CN400CN stands for Colour Negative I guess. I'd shot this film once in the past and I remember not being too excited about the colours. I much prefer the 100.

As expected, Christy brought her A game. She's not really a film shooter - she uses a DSLR in real life. You can follow her on Instatram where she posts some of her lovely snaps.

Since Lomography don't currently offer the 1 hour service at their store, and we needed the photos developed and printed same-day, we had them done at Snappy Snaps in Covent Garden. To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the pr…

How to choose your first 35mm film camera

If you're a seasoned digital photographer and you use a 'real' camera with settings and all that, then you already have all the information you need about picking a film camera. Unless you're looking for something completely different from what you already know, you can stop reading now. Just go buy a film camera, go out and shoot. You'll be fine - you already know how to use a film camera. It's the same beast, except the image is being recorded on a piece of film instead of a digital sensor.

Now, for the rest of us beginners, noobs, padawans, young grasshoppers, e.t.c., here are some insights;
What is 35mm Film?
"Film", or photographic film refers to a thin sheet of transparent plastic coated with a photosensitive material. Said material is an emulsion containing very tiny particles of silver halide.  Exposing the emulsion to light creates a latent image of that light on the emulsion. It is this latent image that is then developed via the correspond…

pez sweet pez

You've seen them everywhere, those PEZ sweet dispensers. Why are they so popular and why are they so addictive? A little insight;

"PEZ" is an abbreviation of the German term for peppermint which is Pfefferminz. It is a candy that was first made by an Austrian company in 1927. They also made a dispenser for the candy which was designed to look like a cigarette lighter. Apparently, along with the breath mints sweets, they were marketed as an alternative to smoking.

So, you have breath-mint-like sweets and cigarette-lighter-like dispensers; i.e., a psychological aspect of addiction (associated with a lighter), and a sugar pill :). I think the addictiveness question answers itself.

As for why they're so popular, well, there were many flavours of candy, but many, many more dispenser designs. The dispensers were usually fashioned after characters from the popular culture of the day such as Disney's Mikey Mouse and Father Christmas.

The original characters from the 192…