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dance and the city

We were meant to move. By we, I mean human beings. When not asleep, we are meant to be running, swimming, jumping, climbing, fighting, procreating or lifting.
The vast majority of those activities have been nearly eradicated from our daily lives. Instead, we sit. We sit all the time. Ours is the generation that is sitting itself to death.
When we're all gone, extinct, all gone to that giant sofa in the sky, there will be one group left. Dancers. They will be here because they've kept true to what their bodies were made for. To move.

shedding the weight, starting over

Never mind the tyre-shaped lard deposit around the old waistline, an excess of a different kind was starting to weigh me down recently. You know all those services you signed up for over the years that started up as 'great offers', but then crept their way up your bank account, ever so slowly, until they were significant outgoings? Yes, those. I had accumulated quite a number of those, and they had gradually, quietly gained significant weight. 
The vendors, naturally, hoped and (probably even) prayed I wouldn't notice that their 'unbeatable value' had doubled in cost. I did. And today, I shed the weight.
Bluehost. British Gas. British Telecom. Sky. NatWest Bank. You've all failed me, and I'm letting you go.