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orchids are forever

Just a month ago, this plant was leafless, apparently done for.  Today, it blossoms as if springtime was here.  Do orchids ever die?

horses do eat a lot

I took some time out in late August and went to Kent, "The Garden of England".  This was my backyard for some time.  I was woken up every morning by the snorting and the galloping hooves.
Having spent some time with this lot, I learnt a thing or two about them.  First, they are much gentler than I'd previously assumed.  Horses are the true gentle giants.  Extremely friendly creatures.  Second , they don't like apples!  What?!  I tried for hours to no avail, they just refused to eat it.  The storybooks lied!  Third, they do eat - A LOT.  They'd run around for a while, and just eat.  All day - nom nom nom nom nom nom, until sunset, and beyond.  Not even a thunder storm could interrupt their all day munching - they couldn't give two hooves about a bit of rainwater or lightning.

anti-flu kit

Flu season is upon us in the northern hemisphere.  Behold my flu survival kit.

an apple a day

An apple a day supposedly "keeps the doctor away".  Not unless it's covered in pesticides and coloured wax.  
One of the things I love about the English countryside in 'harvest' time is you get to eat apples fresh from the tree.  Just after it rains, you can grab one off a tree, wipe it with your [clean] hands and eat it. Organic, healthy and extremely tasty.

Bring back August.

to be truly free, you need wings

They say “birds of a feather flock together”.  Yet, some birds are loners.  Just like we humans, we thrive in communities, and we were made to ‘be together’.  Many of us though, myself included, just love to be by ourselves for long periods of time.  
As a kid, I spent a lot of time doing my own thing - playing on my own, letting my imagination take me to wonderful places.  Had I been a kid today, I may have been mistaken as being autistic actually, the way I would sometimes zone out.
As an adult, I yearn for these times when I’m alone.  In a way I sometimes return to those times of childhood - letting my mind float around in an imaginary world.  Those are the times I get some of my best ideas.

I am particularly attracted to the life of birds; their carefree ways and freedom to go wherever and do whatever.  I believe as humans we can never experience true freedom because we cannot fly.  To be truly free, you need wings.


Oh dear! I have neglected this blog for a month and a half now.  I have been extremely busy.  I have not been taking as many photos lately.  Hopefully that should change soon.  I've been shooting a lot of video though.  In the month of September, I shot and uploaded 1 video a day to YouTube as a self development project.  Many of the videos were about some of my film cameras.  
Here is the playlist of the 6 classic camera videos.
Here is the playlist of all the 30 "Vidtember" videos.
Here is the link to my YouTube channel.
I hope to be back posting my film photography here very soon.  I am heading off to some very exciting destinations very soon and I will have at least one of my cameras with me.
Many thanks.