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this blog is now a book

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If you watch my YouTube channel, you'd already know that I have decided to downsize a little bit in the camera collection department.  Many of those cameras that I have written about on this blog have either been sold, or are for sale in my Etsy Shop.

I had an idea to create a kind of catalogue to remind me of my cameras once they're out the door. I had been taking portraits of these cameras and collating some photos I took with the camera in question, along with some words about the camera. This would then be made into a book I can have sitting on the coffee table. As you guys already know, I mostly use Blurb for my photo books and highly recommend Blurb - so much so that I am an affiliate of theirs.

Unfortunately, I had already sold some of the cameras before I thought of this project.  Also, I hadn't been incredibly org…