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balanced diet

Like any good split-personality guy, sometimes it affects the way I eat.  You can catch me eating the healthiest, most organic of foods.  At times, I just need a greasy chunky burger, deep fried chips and a coke.

olympic park 2 years on

It's now been 2 years since London hosted the games.  I took a stroll through what is now called the Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park. It's a bit of a mouthful, but I'm sure it will very quickly be turned into an acronym of sorts [QE2OP sounds a little like something from Star Trek].
The splendour is long gone, but the park still retains a little of that Olympic spirit that inspired so many in 2012.  Being the first time returning to the park since the games, walking past the Aquatic Centre and towards the grand stadium still gave me goosebumps - albeit from memory rather than from what was in front of me.
Stadium lights and public address systems have been replaced by cranes, scaffolding, metal fences and security gates.  All the temporary Olympic structures such as the Basketball Arena are now gone, but the Aquatic Centre, the Stadium and I believe the Velodrome still stand.  Tottenham Football fans had better enjoy this park now as come 2016 it will be awash with West H…

the day i discovered columbia road part 1

One of those parts of London that have always been there, known to everyone, but me.  Columbia Road is 'the other Brick Lane'.  That's how I see it anyway.  On Sundays, when it hosts the world famous flower market, it rivals Brick Lane in rowdiness.  For some reason, a disproportionate number of French people go there, which is awesome I guess.
But of course, 'flower' also includes all manner of wonderful things.  I spotted a fascinating mini pineapple life form, amongst all sorts of miniature botanic wonders.  For some reason , most of the men there wore tight shorts and had long beards.  The women looked normal.

In a shop there I saw the most exquisite plaster and stone ornaments and sculpture.  In the same week many hostile pieces of legislation were passed across African nations, I found ironic the figure of two African men facing each other as if engaging in something that would get them in a lot of trouble in Nigeria or Uganda.  I pointed this out to the sto…

two little monsters

I know they are not so popular at the moment, following this event here, besides I'm not a dog guy myself, but you can't argue with cute.  You know that ugly cuteness, sort of the one babies have when they're first born [send hate mail to ..].  And what's better than a cute dog? [yes, a cute cat, but no], two cute dogs!

exa ihagee dresden

I'm a strange kind of gear head.  I love to collect vintage cameras, but I don't geek out on the cameras themselves. Rather, I love to experience them; to hold them in my hands and appreciate the intricate crafts(wo)manship of them, but mostly to use them.
As such, I quite dislike writing about the cameras' specs. I am hence eternally thankful to those geeks that have writing extensively about the nots and bolts of these little machines. May your geekiness know no bounds, you make life much easier for people like me.
Talking of experiencing a camera, the Exa Ihagee Dresden is one of such cameras that pack in some serious personality and many quirks. It's so darn beautiful that to me it looks more Italian than German, but hey. Apart from its beauty though, I remember my first thought when I first held it being "cor blimey govna, this fing's older than mi dad!' [I apparently think in that accent]
I thought it was going to be hard to use, but oh no! The most…