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double take with helen briggs part 3

Behold the 3rd instalment  of the double exposure film swap whatchummacallit with that awesome film photographer in York, +Helen Briggs

random london randoms

Some times I shoot random shots, apparently just because. You can trust this city though to randomly make things interesting in the background.  Random London.

walking around rye

Rye is great from the ground level too.  Exquisite antique shops - to be fair, virtually all shops there seem 'antique' anyway.  The walls of the buildings themselves are a historical record - stone, brick, wood and concrete, showcasing the different building materials over the centuries.

ypres tower; the rye castle

The French were extremely interested in England back in the 1240's. To curb this French enthusiasm, his majesty the king Henry the 3rd ordered there to be built this rugged structure on the edge of the kingdom.  The Ypres Tower or 'Rye Castle' was constructed as part of the defence against the raiding armies from across the channel in 1249.
Rye itself is a charming little English town in East Sussex that lies between the confluence of three rivers and the sea.  The charm is even more visible from the top of St. Mary's Church from where you can see the rustic rooftops of this well preserved 13th century town.

double take with helen briggs part 2

More film-swap double exposure goodness with York photographer +Helen Briggs  There are evil fiddlers, flower phones and party trees.  Fun and games. 

more sand, more sea, more sussex

More evidence for you that yes indeed the sky does sometimes get blue here in the UK.  Here are more photos from Camber Sands in East Sussex where the charms of the English countryside meet the sea.  
The tide rises so quickly that you might suddenly find yourself trapped on a sinking sandy island on the beach.  The interaction between the sand and the water resembles something like a giant cappuccino as it fizzles and foams.  It's quite a sight to behold.

double take with helen briggs part 1

I had been following +Helen Briggs for a while and am particularly fond of her double exposure work.  I was hence delighted when she agreed to swap films with me late last year.
Film photography is exciting enough on its own - the anticipation, the uncertainty and so on, but with film swapping thrown in, both the uncertainty and anticipation are doubled - if you would excuse the pun.

It was my first ever film swap so I am a bit of a novice,  unlike our Helen, but some delightful things still managed to happen.  'Twas the most wonderful time of the year afterall.
I can't wait to do this again, especially now that I have a better idea of what to do in terms of exposure and framing.

sand, sea and sussex

Spring is imminent. No doubt a good chunk of the nation is planning, or has already planned their summer holiday for this year.  For many, it's an escape from the dreary clouds of Britain into the delightful glory of the Iberian peninsula and beyond.

I, on the other hand, will probably be spending a lot of it staycationning right here. Sure, I'd probably hop down to the African continent for a wee bit, but that wouldn't be for a holiday per say.

If like me you fancy a bit of a getaway in summer, may I recommend East Sussex?  Except of course, you are from East Sussex.

east london randomness and colour

Spring is well on its way here. This week brings promises of sunshine here in London. I'll be out with my cameras once again.  Monochrome season is over. Bring on the colour. And randomness.