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living in a bubble

Opposite the 02 arena in London, on the runway to North Greenwich station, you can find this thing. It is one of the many street lights that line the paths. Unremarkable in and of itself until, on closer inspection, one realises that it does not only shine light, but is also a reflection of the entire world around it. A mini Earth, complete with its own little Millennium Dome.
Funny; this was the paradigm I had in my head as a kid of what the world was like - flat, but within a kind of globe bubble. It was the only way I could reconcile what my eyes were telling me - a flat earth surface, and the globe in my dad's study that claimed to be "Earth".

capricious march

I spent the later part of Easter in the south-eastern end of the island. My time there was equally divided between forest and seaside. It was like being on different continents. The drastic change in scenery was one thing, the unpredictable early Spring English weather was another.

Caught suddenly in the woods by torrential hail, five miles from the hotel, no shelter in sight, I fervently hoped by camera bag was waterproof. It was, thank God. On arrival to the hotel, drenched from head to toe in fresh water, the sky turned a sapphire kind of blue. The sun shone sarcastically down as if to deny having anything to do with it.
So short-lived was it, however, that by the time I located my key in one of my seven pockets, the clouds were beginning to gather in the sky, preparing to produce precipitation of whatever kind.

the crawling serpent of greenwhich

I spent some time in Greenwich, London this past week. I flew over the docklands and gazed upon it from above, aboard a cable car. It's s brief but incredible view of that part of London and beyond. The Thames river is a captivating creature - a serpent crawling haughtily through this ancient town.