layflat, panoramas have a new home

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I took this photo on the island of Mallorca, Spain last summer. Like many islands with rocky terrain, you get truly breathtaking views from sea-side cliffs and hill tops and quickly find yourself taking dozens of snapshots in an attempt to capture the whole thing. One tool I use in this scenario is panorama. Nothing captures the awe of a panoramic view as well as, well, a panorama photo.

If you follow my blog, you already know that I'm a huge fan of photo books - both mine and other people's. I love to print my photos in books not only for archival reasons, but also to display on my coffee table for the enjoyment of my family and friends. Printing a panoramic photo on a standard 4 X 6,  (or worse, square), aspect ratio doesn't quite do it justice. Of course you can print half of the photo on one page and the other half on the other page but this is usually a lossy process, where the middle of the image is either lost or doesn't line up correctly.

I am pleased to inform that my favourite photo book makers, Blurb, have announced 'Layflat' which is a photo book format that spans a photo across two pages seamlessly. This helps to showcase the full expanse of the photo with no visual breaks or misalignments.

Needless to say, I'm already designing my next photo book of my panorama shots from Spain which I will share with you once I get it back from Blurb.


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