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I know Apple is not known for the best mouse design, but I for one love Apple’s Magic mouse series. I've got one that came with my iMac and I absolutely love it. I love the simple design as well as the way it feels in the hand.

Unfortunately the MacBook is not shipped with a mouse. That’s understandable because it does come with a pretty good inbuilt trackpad, which is sufficient for most people. I find I really need a mouse though, especially when doing things like editing videos or photos.

The ideal scenario would be to buy a Magic Mouse 2 and use that with the MacBook. Being an Apple product, it would work perfectly in every aspect with the Mac - no need to worry about incompatibilities. Somehow, Apple has also figured out the latency issue when it comes to bluetooth devices - be it the mouse, earphones or what have you. I have edited hundreds of hours of video without any issue with the Magic Mouse wireless mouse.

Having said that, the Apple Magic Mouse 2, like most Apple products, isn’t cheap. Far from it. So I decided to find an alternative. My criteria were;
  1. Wireless
  2. Rechargeable via usb
  3. Slimline 
Not too much to ask for right? You’d be surprised. I did find a whole bunch of ‘wireless’ mice, but they weren’t rechargeable via USB. You mostly had to take the batteries out and charge them in a dedicated charger. While theoretically this type of mouse would last longer - since the batteries are swappable for fresh ones once they start to age - I really didn’t want the inconvenience of a separate charger.

I found, and almost purchased, a ripoff of the apple Magic Mouse 2. A bit of research revealed that the similarities ended in the shape. There were numerous complaints about it being so cheaply made, or breaking after just a few weeks, or not working at all in the first place. Some reviews spoke of difficulty connecting with a Mac computer. That put me off.

Then I found this no-brand mouse. I don’t even know what to call it. I found it on Amazon. I read the description, which ticked all the boxes. I could see the odd negative review, but it was cheap enough that I just took the plunge.

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It’s a cheap plastic mouse. It’s optical as all modern mice are, and it’s wireless. The description claimed months of use with a single charge. To be honest, I always take battery life claims with a pinch of salt no matter what product I’m looking at. I always assume they overstate the values obtained from unrealistic optimal laboratory conditions.

So now I’ve been using this mouse for about 6 months and here are the pros and cons;



It paired very easily with my Mac, identifying itself simply as ‘Bluetooth Mouse’. Henceforth it has connected itself to my computer when switched on. No need to connect the mouse manually like it is the case with many other wireless mice.

Power Management

I’ve been using this mouse for half a year, almost on a daily basis, and I’ve only charged it twice. I’m not sure if the battery life stated in the description is correct or not. All I know is that this thing can go for several weeks of ‘normal’ use without the need for a recharge. And when it comes to charging, it’s as simple as connecting a USB cable. It has a mini USB input. To save battery, this mouse sleeps when it hasn’t been used for a while and disconnects itself. Moving or clicking the mouse wakes it up and reconnects it to your computer.


As said before, it’s got an inbuilt battery which is relatively long-lasting. Charging is as easy as connecting a USB cable to a power source like a USB power supply or the USB port of a computer. By the way, because it’s a Bluetooth mouse, it works while charging, while connected to your computer or any other power supply. When connected to your computer it just feels like a USB mouse, even though it’s not.

The input port (lightning) on Apple Magic Mouse 2 is the one downside for me. It is located at the bottom of the mouse, which means you can’t use the mouse while it’s charging.


This is the biggest pro. At this price, it was basically a very low-risk purchase for me. I had made up my mind that if it didn’t work, I’d just throw it in the bin and call it a day. However, it’s served me very well, and I love this little thing. Not as much as I love Apple’s mouse, no, but I love it none the less.


Build Quality

If you’re used to the build quality of the Magic Mouse 2 or some of Logitech’s mice, you will not get that with this mouse, which is to be expected for this kind of low budget device. It’s basically all plastic. The parts where your thumb and fingers rest are textured for easy grip. I like it, but many people wont.

Slight Latency

For most of the work I do on a computer; browsing, word processing, social media, e.t.c, this mouse is indistinguishable from the high end mice. However when it comes to detailed photo editing, or video editing, you start to notice a very slight bit of latency with the scroll wheel. If you’re a gamer and you need to scroll a lot, this mouse is a no-no.

So in conclusion, I can recommend this mouse as a VERY cheap alternative to the high end mice from Apple and Logitech if you’re looking for a budget second mouse to carry around in your computer bag or use with your Mac that didn’t come with a mouse. If you’re just going to surf the Internet, do social media, email, word processing and so on, then yes save some money and grab this mouse.

If you’re a gamer or a high-end video editor or you’re doing very detailed photo or audio editing, then you will not be too happy.

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