so grateful for the simple things in life

This past Sunday was the warmest day of the year so far in London. Temperatures reached up to 23 degrees Celsius in my part. Being a weekend day, most people made the most of it. I always say that 18 degrees feels warmer in Spring than it does in Autumn. It's a relativity thing.

Having just moved away from the very urban inner-city into serenity, I spent the day taking a break from renovations and connecting with my inner pensioner a few decades early :)

Good Lord! There are some simple life pleasures you miss out on while living caged up in those city boxes. Many of these come from having your own private garden. Simple things like airing your laundry on a clothes line outside in the sun. Simple things like a nice cup of tea in the warm breeze while watching robins, squirrels and the neighbours cat take turns landing on your freshly cut grass.

On Sunday I was very grateful for these simple things.


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