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**I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

If you watch my YouTube channel, you'd already know that I have decided to downsize a little bit in the camera collection department.  Many of those cameras that I have written about on this blog have either been sold, or are for sale in my Etsy Shop.

I had an idea to create a kind of catalogue to remind me of my cameras once they're out the door. I had been taking portraits of these cameras and collating some photos I took with the camera in question, along with some words about the camera. This would then be made into a book I can have sitting on the coffee table. As you guys already know, I mostly use Blurb for my photo books and highly recommend Blurb - so much so that I am an affiliate of theirs.

Unfortunately, I had already sold some of the cameras before I thought of this project.  Also, I hadn't been incredibly organised with my photos, so it was becoming a bit of a grind to match photos of the cameras, with photos I had taken with said cameras. Because of this, the project took a bit of a back seat, even though it is something I really need to do.

You can imagine how pleased I was then with the new update in Blurbs book software BookWright. There is a new "Site Import" feature. With this tool, you can scan your website or blog and grab your images and text which can then be used to create a book!

Basically, that solved my problem. Scanning this blog, the tool returned all my posts in a scrollable list from which I could select the posts I wanted to use - i.e., my camera related posts. The images and text in those posts were then available for me to edit and arrange to my taste in BookWright. That's saved me days, maybe weeks of work literally.

As an affiliate of Blurb, and a keen user, I was given the opportunity to spread the word about this feature for little compensation. Also, as stated in the beginning of the post, the Blurb/BookWright link I provided is an affiliate link, so I will be compensated (earn commission) if you make any purchases after clicking on it.

I hope you find this tool as useful as I have.



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