folkestone, even more colourful england

When it comes to England, I've been accused of lying with my camera. Thing is, England is truly a beautiful place. The problem is, living somewhere often desensitises you to the place.

For example, there are so many people that live in Folkestone that absolutely hate the place. I on the other hand find it absolutely exotic. It's got sort of the same chalk formations you see in Eastbourne and Sussex, but with its own peculiarity - it's mixed with algae, clay, sediments and remnants of bricks from fallen buildings under which the ground had been eroded long ago.

The best views can be seen after a bit of a walk and obstacle scaling though so many people give up and turn back just before the magic happens.

There's this bell that was installed by the Norwegian artist A.K Dolven.  It's so prominent on the seafront and it looks amazing every time. It echoes the same green hue the water takes on within the barriers of the harbour.

Talking of the harbour, at low tide, the rustic beauty of the boats becomes even more apparent, especially if Low Tide and Golden Hour coincide.

There is also the artificial colour to make enticing the otherwise mundane concrete structures and beach huts. They're a little overboard to the extent of being cartoonish, but why not?


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