beautiful, colourful england

Yes, England, and Great Britain generally, is known for being dull and monochrome. That is because most people never take time to experience other parts of the islands outside the big cities.

Take Ramsgate - the very colourful marina town in Kent. On a good sunny day, it would rival the most colourful parts of Spain or Italy.  And on a cold, cloudy, stormy day, well, it's just England.

Ramsgate is in Thanet, Kent, and is a perfect staycation destination for Brits. It also offers many things to foreigners as it displays some examples of fine British architecture. My favourite thing to do there, apart from drink coffee and stare into the colour, is to browse through the antique shops for nautical items. I've even found some exquisite vintage cameras there for next to nothing.

Oh yes! And there's the beach - part sand part pebble.  What's special about Ramsgate's beaches though is the giant wall of chalk where England ends abruptly along most of it's southern and south-eastern coasts. 


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