becoming truly great - hiatus interrupted

What does it really take to move from being sub-par, or even mediocre, to being truly great? This is the question that has been weighing on my mind recently.

Take this blog for example. I have been doing it for a while. I have been truly passionate about it. I have had both the intellectual and financial capital that is required to run a blog. While I have had some really awesome engagement from some of you [ for which I’m infinitely grateful - I can’t believe how loyally some of you read this blog ], one can say the traffic has been mediocre at best - maybe even sub-par. Then you have someone give it a go for a few months to a year with (in my humble opinion) average quality content, and their traffic explodes, catapulting them to immeasurable success.  

Likewise in real life, some people truly give their endeavour everything they have, only for said endeavour to float endlessly in the sea of mundane averageness. What separates someone who wakes up every morning of their adult life and dedicates hours to the same action, but remains average at said action, and someone who just seems to come out of ‘nowhere’ and becomes the best at it?

Even more frustrating perhaps must be the best runner-ups of this world.  I call them the silver medal specialists. The Frankie Frederickses, Scottie Pippens and Hillary Clintons of this world. What separates them from the Usain Bolts, Michael Jordans and Barack Obamas?

I am determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. Since I’ve been looking into it the phrase ‘hard work’ has been coming up over and over again, but, I suspect there are other factors at play here. I have seen with my own two eyes a scenario whereby the person has definitely NOT worked hard, yet, they’ve achieved success.

Just thought I’d update you with what’s on my mind lately.  Now back to hibernation.


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