the inspiring and important zsuzsanna pataki

I walked right past it at first, but for whatever reason, I turned back and walked in. It was an exhibition of 'high quality but affordable art' in Shoreditch the other day. It was incredible.  The artists were there with their work displayed. There were all manner of art presented and for sale at very affordable prices.

My eyes were drawn to paintings of 'London Waterways' by the wonderful painter Zsuzsanna Pataki. We got into conversation about her art, and she handed me a postcard.  On seeing her surname 'Pataki', I commented on it's meaning in Yoruba - "Of great Importance".  She found it astonishing. 

She's Hungarian, as is the name.  She explained to me that it's derived from 'Patak', meaning 'Creek', and is given to people born near creeks, or from her town which derived its name from it as well. We noted how fascinating it was that she's drawn to water, as expressed in many of her paintings.

Having confided in her about how I used to draw and paint virtually everyday of my life until the age of 15 when it all suddenly made way for more serious things like Maths and Chemistry, she assured me that it isn't too late to pick it up again.

You know what?  I hear that. I am so inspired now that I am in the process of procuring a good quality sketch book to carry around with me.  Apple's new iPad Pro could not be any more tempting right now!


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