reverse alchemy

The whole process of developing film, especially the bit where you gaze at your negatives for the first time, has been described by many as magic. Chemistry has had that effect on us for a very long time. Practitioners of a certain mystical, 'magical' tradition also dabbled in chemistry - claiming to turn simple elements to gold - Alchemy!

Fast-forward to today, I think I've managed the opposite. Well, my lab did. They have somehow managed to turn a roll of Kodak Gold to violet. I'm not sure how this happened, but you know what? I kind of like the resulting effect. After all, I do have a little inclination to lomography and their crazy cross-processing sometimes. 

I have messed with some of the photos digitally by desaturating to black and white. They don't look too bad then. For now tough, I think I'll leave them purple.


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