on the south bank with the olympus 35 rd

The South Bank of the Thames is one of my favourite places to go in London for a nice afternoon walk. There's a lot of art and cultural events happening almost constantly. It also has limitless potential when it comes to photography.

There's also food. Lots of it! Even if there's no actual festival going on, there are are many restaurants and food stalls to chose from. I quite enjoy street food - quick, cheap(er), and delicious.

When the tide is low, the river acquires a beach. I've taken some photos on the 'Thames beach' that people have refused to believe weren't taken by the sea side.  So I always make sure to include some landmarks now :)

Talking of things happening all the time, suddenly out of nowhere, the deafening sound of the legendary red arrows and their signature red white and blue engulfed the South Bank as they jetted by directly overhead.  Thanks to the quick focusing of the Olympus 35 RD's rangefinder I was able to catch a couple of shots.


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