chasing the silhouette part 6

Sunset was fast approaching on the day and it was getting seriously cold.  As I turned to head off home for the day I was confronted with this view. It's King George the IV riding into the sunset, apparently being led by Lord Nelson, and, er, a pigeon.

"Holly...." I thought to myself, what must the parliament building and its clock tower (also incorrectly known as 'Big Ben') look like against the setting sun? So I aborted my departure and literally ran through Charring Cross and unto the Golden Jubilee Bridge and across the Thames so as not to miss the magical sunset.

Yes I did stop to take some snaps on the bridge itself.  Who doesn't? 

The light was getting more incredible by the minute.  Then I noticed I only had less than 5 shots left in my Olympus 35 RD, and I had to make them count.  The gulls, as if they knew of my limited number of shots, danced around in the air temptingly, but I resisted :)  Well, ok, so I took at least one shot.

I had arrived on time to get THE SHOT.  "Any minute now the sun will dip behind the tower"  I kept telling myself, with one shot to go. One last shot.  Until boom! it happened - the clock tower eclipsed the sun and there I had in front of me, the perfect moment, the silhouette.

Ready, aim, fire!


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