chasing the silhouette part 2

This guy had found the perfect scam.  I envied him slightly.  Right in the middle of Trafalgar Square he had drawn the flags of most countries in the world.  Tourists were to drop money on the flag of the country from which they come.  There was a text 'Which country is the most generous?' cleverly scribbled at the top of the flags, so obviously it quickly developed into a competition of sorts.

France was generous enough, expectedly, there are many French tourists here being our closest neighbour, but I believe it was between Poland and Ireland for the top spot.  Again, obviously :)

This kind of thing is only possible in London.  Maybe New York or Paris.

Between Slovakia and Slovenia "Yorkshire" was upgraded to country status, including two heart signs. Clearly Yorkshire holds a special place in the artist's heart, and I'm quite sure some people in England would agree with his notion that Yorkshire is a country onto herself :) what say ye +Helen Briggs ?


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