xmas ghost town part 2

Pigeons get a bad rep as flying rats.  Yes, they do exhibit vermin behaviour, but really they're quite awesome little creatures.  They are not very different from their closest relatives - the highly esteemed doves.  They are peaceful and very friendly.

One thing pigeons do well is clean up a lot of the mess we leave around.  On Christmas day, there sure is a lot of mess for them to clean up for sure.  This one seemed to be suffering from a sugar crash after consuming too many marshmallows.  It basically stood there motionless while I took this closeup photo.  

The east Westfield is said to be the largest indoor shopping complex in Europe.  You can imagine how many thousands of people cross this bridge every hour.  It was quite surreal to cross it without a single person in sight. 

From the bridge I could see Stratford International, Stratford Overground, Stratford London Underground, Stratford DLR, Stratford British Rail and Stratford Bus Station.  All empty.

Everything shut, closed, empty.  Except Pret [a Manger].


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