the most good looking man in the world

The Zenit-E is quite the conversation starter I find.  It was a normal late-summers day in a normal London park when this gentleman spotted my camera as I walked past him.

"Are you a photographer?" He had a melodic caribbean accent.  Jamaican I believe, or maybe Bajan.  I can't tell them apart sometimes.

"Me? ah, oh, no, well, sort of I guess."

I wasn't sure what his definition of 'photographer' was, so I wasn't quite sure what answer to give.

"Go on, take a photo of me."  He struck the coolest pose ever.  

"I'd love to!" Of course!

"You've never seen a better looking man anywhere in the world have you?"  He jested as I snapped his photo.

"Most definitely not!" I agreed with him.  We laughed, I shook his hand, and carried on having a nice day.


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