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When I was a kid, I was told to always make sure I start a new year on as new a slate as possible. The tradition was to ensure to pay back any debts, fix any broken friendships, settle any disputes, in order to make the following year as successful as it could be.  I remember rushing around on the last two days of each year saying 'sorry for this, sorry for that' to my siblings and cousins.  I even admitted to some porkies I may have told my parents at the time.

Looking back, that was actually quite a healthy tradition.  One that I am determined to resurrect now as an adult.  It wouldn't hurt to go through all my bills, credit cards, subscriptions and all that to ensure I'm not owing anything.  It would be great to reach out to friends and associates to ensure we're all on a positive standing towards each other.  

These are they days. Peace, love and friendship to all.


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