glamping like a boss

Reluctantly contemplating going outdoors I slide the window blinds to one side to see what I was headed into.  There it is; the usual cacophony of the rowdy urban streets.  People hurriedly getting on with their day, seemingly resigned to that fate.  The streets are littered with all manner of man-made debris.

Litter is one thing that really gets to me.  So much so that I made a video ranting about it on YouTube.  As I stand wondering why its so filthy outside two men  interrupt my thought stream with their loud voices as they greet each other.  They exchange pleasantries and shortly head their respective ways BUT without leaving a trail of litter in their wake.  One sprinkles the streets with sweet wrappers and what looks like shopping receipts while the other casually tosses an empty cigarette pack across the street.  All this within 2 metres of a public bin.  There's my answer.

The above is a common scenario for me living in this city.  I get so frustrated and at times angry to see how disconnected people have become from the environment.  In order to avoid a coronary, or a criminal record from a violent reaction to a cigarette-butt-dropping punk, I often get away from it all by taking refuge in the countryside.

Having said that, as I'm not posh enough to own my own countryside 'home', and I'm way too posh to camp, a middle ground of sorts would have to do.  Glamour camping.  Glamping.  It's camping with all the conveniences including hot running water and wifi.  Yeah what!?


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