do you see what I see?

Our eyes are simply incredible.  As far as I can see [ahem!] we are not able to zoom with them, but we are able to focus across a staggering distance if you think about it.  

Using a fixed prime lens camera like the Olympus 35 RC, you really come to appreciate that. Especially when you are unable to 'zoom with your legs' for whatever reason.  Interestingly enough, I find that looking at a photo that I took, I can still see what I saw on the day, but other people may not see the same thing obviously.

For example in the photo above, one might see the subject as the group of trees and their reflection in the lake whereas I was trying to shoot the two birds racing across the water like speedboats.  Thats what my eyes are drawn to every time I look at this photo because I was there on the day, and that's what inspired me to take the photo.

Now tell me, in the following photo, a more extreme case, do you see a field of bell flowers or like me, do you see a man on a white horse in the far distance?


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