yellow leaks

Light leaks are in, right?  To be honest, I secretly enjoy them too, especially when they're unexpected and somewhat artsy.  However, my BX20 was leaking EVERY shot in the same place - that becomes monotonous and annoying very quickly.

I'm spoilt for choice, as a camera collector.  I also have the BCA which is really similar to the BX20 but with limited manual function.  Without a battery you can only use it at shutter speed 1/60.  Apart from that, they are the same camera to me.

Really missing the full manual function of the BX20, I decided to stop being lazy and fix the light seals with self adhesive felt.  Really easy to do surprisingly.  I had to remove the existing seal[which didn't look that bad] with a tweezer, cut strips from the sheet of felt, and stick along the same lines I removed the old one from.  Done.

BX20 is now back in action.  Coffee anyone?


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