venice city of romance

Unlike many 'romantic' hotspots in Europe, Venice has actually kept it's romantic essence despite the hoards of tourists that head there every year. 

Here are some of your romantic options :)

1. Go to Punta della Dogana.  You can just sit there together taking in this view of San Giorgio Maggiore. 

2. Walk to the Rialto Bridge through the shops, cafes and back streets.  Look up often to appreciate romantic historic structures.  Masks, Canals, Bridges,  Glass, Lace, amazing. 

3. If you don't want to walk, let Fabio, Marco, Antonio or any other such sleek Italiano zoom you off in one of these awesome water taxis.

4. Have an early lunch in the shadow of said Rialto Bridge and experience la dolce vita.

5. Let your lunch settle in your bellies as you ride in a gondola on the Grand Canal.  [Actually, you may also want to take a gondola through the narrower canals for real romance].  Some of the gondoliers will even sing to you. Take the ride all the way to the Piazza San Marco

6. When you've had enough of Venice, hop over to any of the other group of islands like the extremely colourful Burano.  It really is as colourful as it looks in photos.  Make sure you check out each island's specialty, for example, in Burano it's glass blowing.  You can watch a live demo.

So that raps up the Venice posts.  As you can see, I had a jolly good time out there.  Italy is a beautiful country really.  I hear Florence, Tuscany aren't that bad.  Who knows?  Spring time?


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