venice city of canals

Before visiting Venice for the first time last month, Amsterdam had been my favourite canal city. That top spot has since been replaced by Venice, 'City of Canals'.  The island of venice is really a group of 118 islands linked by bridges over canals.  And you have never seen so many canals and so many exquisite bridges in your life.

The main [group of] island(s) is completely pedestrian - no cars or motor bikes allowed.  For the first time in Italy, I felt comfortable walking around with earphones on without the fear of being mowed down by a car or moped.  Venice is true bliss.

When you arrive in Venice, you are immediately charmed by its rustic beauty.  I hadn't seen such picturesque decay since Havana, Cuba.

You have also never seen so many boats, which is the main form of transportation in the city.  That and your feet of course.  In the narrower canals are canoes, boats and the famous gondolas.


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