three mills at the valley

The Three Mills sits on a small island in the Lee Valley surrounded by the Prescott Channel, Channelsea River and River Lea.  Apparently there have been mills in this area as early as Saxon times.  Three Mills houses the biggest tidal mill in the world.

London is a very old city, but this place predates even some of the oldest parts of the capital.  Even then, it remains a relatively hidden gem.  For some reason, a lot of people don't know about it.

The various canals and rivers around here give it a kind of up-market feel.  I quite enjoyed the quiet outdoor sitting area of the Three Mills cafe.  If you look in the right direction, you can forget you're in one of Europe's busiest capitals altogether.  However a quick glance in another direction will remind you of your proximity to one of the world's financial epicentres - Canary Wharf.


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