eye of the london storm

I walked past the London eye today just before the mini storm started.  The long queue for the 'flight' got me thinking.  Originally, the structure was erected on the bank of the Thames to mark the millennium as a temporary structure.  It however has consistently made so much money, and proved so popular that the authorities decided not to bring it down even till now 15 years after it went up.

'How much money exactly?', I thought to myself.  I then went ahead and did some very unscientific calculations in my head as I walked away from it towards the Royal Festival Hall.  I estimated 36 pods by counting 9 of them at 45 degrees and multiplying by 4.  So, 36 pods.  From the three times I've been on the flight, I estimated an average of 20 persons per pod, each paying about £20 give or take.  So that's 36 X 20 X £20 = £14,400.

Almost there.  Each flight takes about 30 minutes, so per hour, the wheel is raking in approximately £28,800!   Astounding!  They call it the Eye of London.  I call it the Wheel of Fortune!


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