early nights in london

It gets dark too early these days.  Dark and rainy.  Two things a street photography enthusiast doesn't want to hear.  Luckily I have the Olympus 35 RD with it's f1.7 lens.  

As I don't carry a tripod, I often look out for a good surface I can prop the camera on for a steady shot.  That way I can take advantage of it's 1 or 2 minute [or even Bulb] shutter speed setting, approaching long exposure, but not quite :)

I also have one of these shutter release buttons screwed on.  It really reduces the shutter blur and gives up to one or two stops.  This was a 200 speed film I used here.

Oh, and I don't care if it gets a little wet.  No chips to blow up in there.  I don't get carried away though, moisture does damage metal, and film.


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