dover castle

I've never been inside Dover Castle.  Let me just get that out of the way.  This was my 3rd attempt over 15 years, and each time I arrived at the gate; '.. sorry luv, it's closing in a bit, we're not letting anymore people in'.

Perhaps there's merit to taking the tour bus after all.  Maybe next time I'd do just that.

All was not lost though.  Atop the hill is from whence the most breathtaking views of the channel and the town of Dover it self can be seen.  You can see sheep grazing within the walls of the castle, the rolling hills of Kent, heck, I could have sworn I could see the Eiffel Tower :)

Defensively speaking, this place has been strategic for hundreds [perhaps thousands] of years. Archeologists found evidence of activity since the Iron Age, but Dover Castle itself was first built in the 12th Century.  It wasn't this magnificent at first though - the original castle was built out of clay. Apparently it was burnt down during the life of William the Conqueror who then used the collapsed clay as part of the flooring in the castle rooms while rebuilding the thing. 

No greatly fortified castle is any good without a secrete exit surely.  It's not so secrete anymore though as it can be seen clearly in what is now a car park behind the castle wall.  I entertained the ironic thought that were William alive today, this could be his car park exit.

On the way down from the castle, we took a less complex route by just walking down along the motor road.  It was less complex, not less scenic however as we were treated to some wonderful tree silhouettes.  As you may or may not remember, I'm obsessed with trees.


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