horses do eat a lot

I took some time out in late August and went to Kent, "The Garden of England".  This was my backyard for some time.  I was woken up every morning by the snorting and the galloping hooves.

Having spent some time with this lot, I learnt a thing or two about them.  First, they are much gentler than I'd previously assumed.  Horses are the true gentle giants.  Extremely friendly creatures.  Second , they don't like apples!  What?!  I tried for hours to no avail, they just refused to eat it.  The storybooks lied!  Third, they do eat - A LOT.  They'd run around for a while, and just eat.  All day - nom nom nom nom nom nom, until sunset, and beyond.  Not even a thunder storm could interrupt their all day munching - they couldn't give two hooves about a bit of rainwater or lightning.


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