all the single ladies

I went to a Nigerian wedding.  Nigerian weddings are ostentatious, elaborate and chatoyant.  In simple English, a photographer's dream.  

I had my camera; the handsome and brilliant Olympus 35 RD.  

The moment came when the bride was to throw the bouquet to the dozens of ernest 'single' ladies.  I was positioned perfectly - metered, focused, composed, finger on shutter release and ready for the decisive moment.  3, 2, ...snap.  Yes!! 

The first dance, bride and groom take the floor.  I take the perfect line of view again.  Snap!

The groom's granny decides to show everyone up on the dance floor.  She's eighty something years old.  Wow, snap!

The wedding is now accelerating into the distant past, the moments never to return.  Moral of the story -


The End.


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