happy new year! remember to sleep

As I write this, I've been awake for over 32 hours. I arose in the wee hours of December the 31st, 2013, and have since been up, eyes wide open. One thing that happens when you don't sleep at night is the two days seem to roll into one. So as far as I'm concerned, 'yesterday' and today are the same day.

When we sleep, our body has the opportunity to shut down as much as possible so it can carry out repairs. Apparently, something also happens in the brain to make our newly acquired memories more 'sturdy' (persistent). In essence, having not slept, I haven't given my brain the opportunity to make a longer lasting impression of the night's events in my 'mind'.

Now, I don't drink (alcohol), so obviously I wasn't 'wasted' or 'smashed' or whatever else as everyone around me seemed to have been, but it may well be that my memories of the events of New Year's Eve 2013 quickly become as nonexistent as theirs.

To quote my teenage second cousin, 'whateves'.  It's a new year. Happy New Year everyone!


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