clever signs

It's that time of the year when people make resolutions they will most likely end up not keeping.  Photographers are no exception. This is the time many make resolutions to 'shoot more', 'go back to basics', 'use just one camera', and so on. It is also the time many start up their personal photography projects - some with the hope of growing as a photographer, and others for just the sheer adventure of it all.

The 52 rolls project is a popular one. The idea is to shoot 52 rolls throughout the year - 1 roll a week.  I've had a look through a number of those and sure enough, you can see steady improvements in skill as the project progresses for many. Even seasoned pro photographers often embark on these fun projects and do learn new things, or develop new techniques or come to new realisations about life itself.  The right photography project has the potential to be more than just a project, it could be a spiritual journey for some. True story.

Anyhow, here is one of mine. I have two. They're both sort of mid to long term and I don't have a rigid time scale for them, much unlike the 52 rolls project. It could go on for as long as I feel, or I could bring it to an abrupt end if I wish. No pressure. I like that.

I'm sure it has always been this way, but it has recently come to my attention that there seems to be some unspoken competition going on with signboards outside cafes, shops and boutiques in this city.  It appears they are trying to outwit and outclever (next year's word of the year?) each other. I have been taking snaps of the most interesting ones I've seen, the best of which may or may not eventually end up in a lovely coffee table book for the perusal and amusement of my houseguests.

Here are two of my favourites so far.


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