nikon coolpix 775 part 2

I found it!  It was stashed away in my PS3’s cardboard box with other wires and cables of electronic/electrical devices past. I’m talking about the Nikon proprietary battery charger. Hate AA batteries all you like, but they’ve been a steadfast standard for many, many years. Being digital, the camera may well be a paperweight without its battery/charger. It is too light to be a doorstop. This time round, I was more obedient to the instruction manual and let the battery charge overnight. This was of no consequence of course, as it wasn’t the ‘first’ charge, but there you go.

‘Twas a cold sunny Saturday morning – the weather man had been right, for a change.  Coincidentally, Spotify mobile just went ‘free’. I used to be a premium (paid) user of the service, as such I had created many playlists for on-the-go musical bliss. To be appropriate, I loaded a playlist that most closely approximated the sort of music I was into back when I first got this camera, and headed down the same route I did on my first ‘photo walk’ with this camera all those years go. If you’re on Spotify, you can hear (at your own risk to your musical sensibilities) what was playing in my ear that cold morning as I snapped away.

I am fascinated, no, mesmerised by trees. I love trees, especially in winter when they have no leaves.  I don’t know why.  Maybe something to do with the fractal beauty of their branches, especially when silhouetted against a bright blue sky or a golden sunset.  Being a highly residential neighbourhood, I got a few raised eyebrows, which I found quite hilarious actually. I suppose the sight of a grown man standing in front of a leafless tree, starring up apparently hypnotised, would seem a bit bizarre to anyone.

For some reason, I also quite enjoy a good brick wall. There is a joke about that on the internet somewhere, the location escapes me.  I think there is a certain aesthetic beauty in red brick walls - may also be the pattern, and perhaps the earthy rustic colour if it.

About 45 minutes or so into the photo walk, the adventure was brought to an abrupt end by two things.  The camera suddenly announced it was out of battery juice.  And in an even more sudden and true British-weather fashion, rain clouds rushed to my coordinates from the four corners of the world, and it was immediately very, very non-sunny!


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