boots 500AF - part 2

Unlike the rest of gibberish coming out of that Capital of the EU, a voice of reason has reached me from Belgium [.. I know, Brussels blah blah]. To paraphrase said voice, "the show must go on". So fine, I will move on to the next camera and return to the boots 500AF at a later date when I have figured out how to get the film out unexposed. It has crossed my mind to post it to the one-time use camera folk, hoping they don't notice, but that's clearly a lose-lose situation right there.

The 500AF wont give up without a fight though it seems I came across some more photos at the bottom of a suitcase that has been out of sight, and out of mind for a while. As usual, I've scanned some pronto.

The little gem appears to see in the dark. Check out some low light shots from a wedding in Cairo, Egypt, and a fashion show back at Uni. This must have been a 200 speed film as being the cheapest available film, that would have been my default choice. At this point, I already owned my first digital snapper, but it stood no chance in these kind of low light conditions.

It is mostly due to the characteristics of film, but the lens has to cooperate too as the great Ouyama has so clearly demonstrated. Dynamic range! There's detail in both the dark and light parts of the photo [these are low-rez scans. The prints are much richer naturally]. More London, New York and Canterbury.

And finally the two most confusing settings for an automatic camera of any kind; white snow and green grass. One would have to usually overexpose or underexpose by at least 1 stop respectively, but again the boots 500AF appeared to have done quite well here. The snow white photo is of my dear friend walking as if into oblivion. At 6'5", I assure you he's not one of the seven dwarfs. The second shot, taken in Hampton Court, was of a slice of chocolate cake 5 seconds before it was no more.

And finally to date all this, this was my Uni provided high end computer. It actually had an a:\ drive and a ground breaking VGA display! It had a serial mouse and 25 mb of RAM. Wait, that's not all!! Check this; with it's massive 500 mb of hard disk space, it was capable of (and indeed was about to be upgraded to) Microsoft's latest operating system - Windows 95!


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