miranda solo twin md - part 3

Sigh. So it's been a couple of weeks or so since my part 2 post of the miranda camera. I have been trying to shoot some new photos with the second camera I bought after the miranda, but have had a few issues with loading the film, batteries, e.t.c, but have now finally (hopefully) successfully shot a roll which is currently being developed. The lab I use takes a week!

So rather than wait another week, I thought I'll post some more photos from the miranda taken late summer, including one OF the miranda itself, taken with my faithful dslr, and VSCO'd to death by the G3 filter on my iPhone. This has basically messed up the exif data, if indeed they can be seen.

Without further ado, behold the magnificent light leaked photos from Camden. Really, I think this may have been my own fault. I probably didn't close the back of the camera properly. Either that or my cheapo lab is rubbish at developing film. Either way, light leaks are 'in' and hipster kids think they're awesome.

Dios mio! There were some non light leaked shots from the same roll. Quite charming I think. Very dreamy and toy-camera-like.  I think I may keep this camera after all. I was going to dispose of it, since it's plastic and will eventually self destruct unlike the solidly built cameras from the 40's to the 70's.


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