miranda solo twin md - part 2

I have since learnt a thing or two about photography. In theory, this camera should be able to perform a lot better with the new and much improved photographer driving it. After all, "the camera doesn't matter" right? On a lovely late-summer day on the South Bank of London town, the Miranda was once again loaded up with battery and film after a decade and a half, and put into action. As a point and shoot, no settings were required. The only ‘control’ one has really is ensuring there’s good light and attempting as good a composition as possible given the inaccurate viewfinder.

The Miranda felt quite clunky, however actually quite charming to use. It definitely brought back some old teenage memories of using this camera with my friends on the basketball court trying (and failing miserably) to replicate some Michael Jordan posters of the time. I must track those down and post them up soon.

The lens is softer than a memory foam mattress, but some would like that. There's dreamy nature to the photos usually seen in 'toy' cameras, but non of the crazy light leaks and distortions. I'd like to shoot some black and white of a seaside or waterfall scene with the Miranda one day. One day.


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